“Without an image of tomorrow, one is trapped by blind history, economics, and politics beyond our control. One is tied up in a web, in a net, with no way to struggle free. Only by having clear and vital images of the many alternatives, good and bad, of where one can go, will we have any control over the way we may actually get there in a reality tomorrow will bring all too quickly.”    —Samuel R. Delany

Welcome to Diverse Futures, a site dedicated to analyzing, discussing, and reviewing science fiction, fantasy, horror, comics, etc. Of course, my love of science fiction and fantasy is driving the creation of this site, but I want it to be different from other review sites in that I really want to make this a space for teachers, educators, researchers, etc. who want to use these genres in the classroom, but have no resources available that help them to do so. My goal is to include short synopses of the stories, necessary (although I hate to say it) teacher information such as Lexile, standards, and age level, and interesting connections across content areas (science, history, geography, math, etc.). Eventually, I may include lesson plans or possible lesson plan ideas that could be used with the books. My goal is to add a new text at least once every two weeks to keep me current and to ensure that this site doesn’t get stale. I’m also open to guest reviewers, so if there’s a book you’d like to see added, you are more than welcome to contribute!

Thanks for coming, and welcome!